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The Pitfalls of Augmented Reality: A Critical Exploration.

Augmented reality and facial recognition are on the verge of revolutionizing our social interactions. Through our conceptual project, we explore the potential pitfalls of these technologies, using the Apple Vision Pro headset as a starting point. This project aims to provoke thought on the ethical and social implications of deeply integrating augmented reality into our daily lives.

A short video to illustrate the concept.

Project Concept

Imagine a social networking application integrated into the Apple Vision Pro headset. With this technology, users can block people not only on social media but also in real life. The faces of blocked individuals appear blurred when encountered on the street, while friends’ faces remain visible, with direct access to their social media posts.

Demonstrated Features

  1. Augmented Blocking: Users can block individuals both on social media and in augmented reality. The faces of blocked individuals are blurred, preventing visual recognition during physical encounters.
  2. Information Panel: When a user encounters a blurred face, an information panel appears, reminding them why they previously blocked the person.
  3. Interaction with Friends: Users can directly access the posts of their contacts when they meet them. If a post is shocking or disturbing, the user can immediately block the person, adding their face to the blurred list.

Ethical and Social Questions

My project questions the consequences of deeply integrating augmented reality into our daily lives, particularly through the following questions:

  • Privacy Invasion: What are the impacts on privacy when our social interactions are mediated by augmented reality devices?
  • Technological Dependency: How might these technologies alter our perception of the world and our dependency on social media?
  • Ethical Issues: What are the ethical implications of using facial recognition and filtering human interactions?

Project Objectives

The main objective of our project is to raise awareness and promote critical thinking about the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies. By illustrating a future where human interactions are filtered by technological devices, we invite the public to question the impact of these innovations on society.


This conceptual project is not just a technological exploration but a call for vigilance and reflection. By showcasing the potential pitfalls of virtual and augmented reality headsets, we hope to encourage a dialogue about the limits and responsibilities associated with these advancements.

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