Bitsy Bot Color Detector ⋅ Toy

Explore the world in color!

Because it is always easier to learn from experience, with Bitsy Bot your child becomes familiar with the colors by discovering his environment! Easy ! Just press an object on the belly of Bitsy Bot and presto the color is detected. In addition, Bitsy Bot shows your child the animals at the same time: « Orange! Like the tiger!  »

The Story

Infini Fun wanted to explore robot like products, this approach presented the opportunity to be gender neutral and to address all the kids. On the other hand it was a risky move as Robot in general were never a unanimous category on the market. They have existed for a long but did not became an important category. Part of this reason is that they are still attached to science fiction and for some people can be as cute as scary.

Play forever! The world is full of colors, so we have not finished having fun! Especially with its three modes of play, your child goes from discoveries to discoveries. We start by detecting the colors around us, then we learn the mix of colors, and we have funny anecdotes while singing with Bitsy Bot!

Cultivate curiosity! Bitsy Bot encourages your child to explore his environment! He will become a real little curious and marvel at so many bright colors in the house!
With its wheels and good grip, Bitsy Bot is easily carried in all the adventures of your child!

Process Notes

Among many explorations, the face design was one important step. For kids robots can be frightening, or intrigue their curiosity. Therefor we worked various idea for the graphic design, we wanted to keep it « technical » but still be cute.


Brand : Infini Fun

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2018

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé

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