Amped ⋅ Outdoor Furniture

Tenjam, the distributor, has made a leap forward in proving that Recovered Coastal Plastic can be economically turned into high performance products suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The collection has been designed to be set within any welcoming indoor or outdoor spaces. They are inspired by ocean waves and landscapes that absorbes you within their curves. The streamlined design offers a poetic and contemporary look at modern furniture.

Available here for the US market :

The Story

The name “Amped” is inspired by the amplitude, the peak of a wave and rely to the backrest of the chair. In the USA for exemple, Amped is a very positive word. People use it  to show off their enthusiasm about doing anything they are looking forward to. “I’m amped to go surfing today!”

They are more than piece of furniture – they play a central role in the day-to-day interactions of people. The collection find its public where a lot of people are passing through, schools, companies, libraries etc. It offers comfort, a place to rest and have discussion or simply a moment of relaxation.

The « Splash » version of the Amped side table / stool, by offering two cup holders, is perfect for swimming pool and other water area. With its sculptural design it fits seamlessly in a vast range of decor and style.

Process Notes

Through the rotational molding process and industrial design, these durable eco-friendly products are made available in large quantities, without sacrificing quality or comfort, in a wide range of colors.

Understanding the feasibility constraints helped keeping the aesthetic conform to the original design while keeping the number of mold parts to a minimum.

The development process involved refining the drain hole, and improving the armchair stability. The first mock-ups in real size were an important step in evaluating the comfort. 


Brand : Tenjam Outdoor & Splash

Company : Tenjam

Released in : 2018

Status : produced

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