Duo Talkie Phone ⋅ Toy

The first pretend phone to make calls like a grown-up. A phone for you and one for your parents and let’s go for magical moments.

Everyone has their own phone: one for the child, one for the parents. By pressing the green button, we call each other like with a real phone. The 2 units connect automatically, it’s fantastic.

Your kid will discover colors, animals, numbers and even vehicles and professions on the child unit. An ideal toy to develop language and imagination with lots of fun. Many moments of parent-child or child-child complicity in perspective.

The Story

The original request was to re-invent and re-design the iconic toy which is the Talkie-Walkie and bring it to the modern world we live in.

Challenged accepted and what a success! It quickly became one of the brand best seller.

Process Notes

Pretend play toys are some of the most popular toys on the market. Kids usually imitate what they see the people around them do. Nowadays we all spend so much time on our phone that this habit inevitably became an inspiration both for kid and for us in the design process.

While giving a phone to a young kid can be discussed, parent are happy to see it drop on the floor by their child instead of 1000€ mobile phone.

Not convinced by the first round of products regarding the distance at which a call would still work. We later on evolved the concept with a bluetooth connection, to bring a much clearer sound quality.


Brand : Infini Fun

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2018

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé