My First Tool Case ⋅ Toy

Kids love to fix things just like adults. With this unique preschool case, there is no risk of getting hurt or losing a screw! This Tool Case set features 3 games modes, role play, discovery and quiz to learn about numbers, colors, shapes and fun facts about the tools. This set is easy little hands to be taken everywhere, store the hammer and the screwdriver on each side, grab the handle and off you go!

The Story

After working on various sensory products the years before, we tried a couple of times to work a « suitcase » style product without finding a proper story to tell. That was until the idea of working on tools came… and the story told itself.

The suitcase format was of particular interest to us because it allows to have thinner packaging and saving on both cost and environmental impacts. On the other end this shape can’t work for all topic, but adapting it for a tool case was both obvious and « innovative » in the sens that real one are usually larger.

The most interesting and challenging aspect was to fit many different tools or tool-like function in a fairly small package. From screwing to hammering and from measuring to turning a gear we wanted to implement a lot of stimulating functions for kids to play with.

All functions are pretty straight forward and attractive for kid to explore, they will help them develop fine motor skills and precision.

The screwdriver and the hammer can bit attached on the side of case making it an all in one product and a great travel toy.

Process Notes

One of the first idea was to use wood for the top cabinet, it would have make the product join the wooden range, but it was definitely more expensive and less iconic at the same time. Re-working the design to make it more graphic and stands out on its own was very interesting as design challenge. You are starting from your « ideal » way of seeing it, to a much more realistic product.

The choice of the colors were made by benchmarking real life tool case and studying what design langages were used and when. The color red was also the one our panel preferred the most.

The tools were originally made of several parts, they were richer in that sense, however the manufacturing and labor increase post covid-19 pushed us to rework the design and make them easier to create.


Brand : Infini Fun

Company : KD Group – Diset France

Released in : 2023

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé