Lulu Broom & Pan set ⋅ Toy

This set comes with a Talking Broom, a Dustpan and Dust Bunnies. This will keep your little ones entertained while role playing like their parents. Prefect for pretend play, sweep the floor like the grown-ups. The broom talk, make funny noises or press on the nose to hear tons of fun sounds. When they are finished, they can store the dustpan on the broom ans see how cute it is with those Little Ears.

The Story

The Silly Sam range used to be an iconic line of product for the brand. However with time passing and trends evolving it went ut of fashion for aesthetic reason mainly. In 2021 Infini Fun wanted to give those product another shot at becoming what they once were.

Starting with the broom and dustpan duo we completely re-imagine the identity of the range by having a fun and innovative approach of the way the duo was going to be used.

By a usage based approach we understood the need to find a way to attached the broom and the dustpan the not in use so that they may be stored together and not lost in the process of cleaning a kid’s room. This unique orientation help us re-design the product in a fun way, while the dustpan acts as a hood on the broom, it gives it another face and meaning.

On a more technical note, while developing this toy we tried to optimized the volume of the product for the electronica components as much as possible in order to save packaging cost.

Finally we worked with felt like materials to bring a more sensorial and in-trend touch to the design.

Process Notes

In order to improve the environmental impact oof the product we tried to implement a wooden stick; however this increased significantly the cost and labor of the product making it a hard sale for the brand.

Keeping a minimalistic design for the broom face will allow the brand to adapt and adjust its style either for trends reasons for licensing the design to another company.

The assembly of the broom stick with the head has been study to make it easy for the user to assemble it, but also to improve the packaging dimensions and save on shipping costs.


Brand : Infini Fun

Company : KD Group – Diset France

Released in : 2023

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé