Kudio Bumper Case Evolution ⋅ Consumer Electronic

Here is a small sample of the tablet silicon case we have designed over the years for Kurio.

From color variations to little design tricks they all helped in bringing the brand forward and showcased its capabilities to customers.

To this day Kurio rubber or silicon case are the brand signature.

The Story

Since 2013/2014 Kurio tablet started to become third parties products. Most of them were in house device developed by Alcatel that Kurio has been buying to implement the Kurio Parental Control its own safe solution for kids. Therefore the tablet were generic elements, with very few identity for themselves.

In order to maintain a design langage consistency the exercice was to work on the protective silicon case. Throughout the year the Kurio created the idea of « Parenthesis »  surrounding its tablets. They were designed as a fluid elements that would both break the rigid and cold aspect of an electronic device as well as help differentiate the Kurio tablet form its competitors.

Each bumper case design was constraint by the features and technical element locations. For example the on/off switch, the from and bak camera, the charging connector etc. were all important things to consider. On one model that included a feet we had to work around this support while allowing it easy access. The case while being wide open on thwack would still need to remain fixed around the tablet.

We also experimented with grippy texture, a chance to improve the usually flat back surface of the product.

Each year saw a different a tablet model, that had different location for the cameras, which in the end have impacted the design and made it hard to keep a coherence. But most importantly what drove the design was the cost of material and production. Lowering the weight of silicon was a key to reduce the cost while keeping a certain degree of protection for the tablet.

Process Notes

The « Parenthesis » design was an early choice for the brand, it evolved on a yearly basis. Each design being easy to recognize as a Kurio Tablet.

The inside structure allows the product to give a great protection to the tablet, specially in the hands of children.

Silicon case were also adapted for other brand such as Gulli in green, and La Fnac in Red.


Brand : Kurio

Company : KD Group

Released from  2014 to 2022

Status : produced

Copyright : © Kurio – Patented  – modèle Déposé