Wooden Musical Board ⋅ Toy

Play with a classic wooden toy, stimulate your senses with lights and sounds. With the Lil’ Musical Board, babies can express the full extent of their creativity and develop their musical ear at the earliest age.

Touch the large colorful pads, turn the wheel, or brush the guitar cords to trigger electronic sounds and tunes while the wheel changes color. Push the buttons, turn the wheel, pull, slide the knob, spin the star  to develop fine motor skills.

It includes 7 activities to explore and 3 play modes to enjoy: Little Composer, Fun Tunes and Colors.

Perfect to initiate your little one to music with a beautiful object that will fit any bedroom.

The Lil’ Musical board develops a musical ear, the sense of rhythm, imaginative play, fine motor skills and the understanding of cause and effect.

The Story

We imagined a new category of toy for Infini Fun brand that wanted to explore the wooden toy market. We created a musical board that would explore various themes such as musical instruments as well as fine motor skills. We came to that idea after studying kids behavior with competitor wooden toys where children were having difficulties identifying the object and its functions.

The wooden musical board is an hybrid offering the simplicity of wooden toys with more sensory features to help the kid develop its senses.

Packaging is a traditional opened / try me bow that showcase the product. The brand style guide was used to bring this product within the brand product line.

Process Notes

This project is the first step into the world of wooden toys for the Infini Fun brand. It represents the chance to explore in depth traditional wooden toys as well as the opportunity to build on the core value of the brand and its past experience with electronic toys. It was important for everyone involved in the project to ensure that the wood material employed in the production was certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The product aesthetic is very iconic and talks to the most majority of client. We also developed the icons for the various instruments to make sure they are easily understand by children. We used classic color contrast as a reminder of old wooden toy and to allow the musical toy to live beyond trends.



Brand : Infini Fun

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2021

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé