Funlockets Crystal Collection ⋅ Collectible Toy

Funlockets are fun toys full of secrets! Each jewelry box has its share of good surprises.

Follow the keys, unlock wearable surprises, add to your collection, show them off & share or trade them with friends!

You’ll find fun custom jewelry and accessories hidden in each drawer. Some are rare, glittery or scented! Collect, wear or share your charms. Each Crystal Funlockets Jewelery Box includes a selection of accessories.

The Story

Our Crystal Egg draws inspiration from The Fabergé Eggs, a model of smart well thought jewelry object.  Our Crystal Heart on the other hand is inspired by the fragrance industry. Through a very popular shape of an heart we refined an elegant object.

The outlook of the boxes is as important as the content. Kids will enjoy finding hidden precious accessories.

The interesting challenge was also to redefine the design language and the formal universe of this product range. Mainly because it needed a refresh and also because that we wanted to harmonized our approach.

When plugged together, keyboard and tablet allows kids to interact with the tablet.

The technical development represented the biggest part of the work. As we needed to fit important functional components in a toy by keeping a low price.

Process Notes

Various concepts to the egg design were studied. For cost reason using a cristal shape would avoid adding a graphic printing while still making the volume « live ».

The faces and patterns were inspired by the luxury industry, merging them together help create contrast and a feeling to uniqueness.

The feet design was approach through the shape of beads and a reverse crown before evolving into the final one. We wanted the base to reflect the complexity of the egg and at the same time having a different style. 


Brand : Funlockets

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2022

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé