Kurio Stand ⋅ Consumer Electronic

With the creation of a tablet dedicated to motion activities Kurio needed a stand so that users can easily adjust the tablet angle regarding there various environment possibilities.

The Story

The stand had to be a simple injection molded piece, cheap to manufacture, easy to understand and should not require any « complex » manipulation to change the angle, it should hold the tablets in their deifferent size from 7 to 10 inches well and not let them fall.

The original idea was to design some abstract / archetypal shape that would result from the addition of the various angles we needed. The more the project was moving forward the more the necessity of having only three angles appeared to be the best solution, that’s when a triangular shape came out.

Triangle is usualy a tricky shape to start with since it is not consider as simple and aesthetic as a cube for instence. We live in a technological world where every device shape is based on a simple parallelepiped outline. However some current aesthetic trends tends to use angular design with cut angles, almost like stones and diamonds.

Most of the time this is more a purely aesthetical approach that push people to use this language. In this case it was actually interesting to see that we could apply it in a functionnal way. By making the triangle faces oriented with different angles from the base we obtained some kind of twisted pyramid that would give us the right positions.

Process Notes

From sketches to physical prototypes.

It is very refreshing for designers to work on an object that is not the main purpose. It won’t be the first thing people will be looking for. They will want to use the tablet, the apps and have fun! This project was about designing something that has to be here so everything work better but will have to be forgotten pretty fast and even disappear.

After various iterations we choose the one that worked the best and that would be easy to manufacture, which mean that technical and cost constraints came up pretty fast in the development.


Brand : Kurio

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2014 & 2021

Status : produced

Copyright : © Kurio – Patented  – modèle Déposé