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Context & request

For more than 25 years, Asmodee has been dusting off board games, developing new ways of playing, through mechanics, themes and fun innovations.

In a constantly evolving world, the Asmodee company seeks to push the boundaries of innovation. The brand wants to offer its customers an interactive website that allows users to design their own board games.

This board game customization platform will use artificial intelligence to help users create their own story and characters, define the rules of the game, and design the illustrations, ranging from the game board to the playing cards present in the game. In addition, it will offer the possibility of 3D printing customizable pawns from the board game. The games will be sold between €50 and €100 depending on the options chosen by the user.

Analysis is the base

After a minutely analysis of the markets, from board game, 3D printing services, artificial intelligences and  of French consumption patterns, we saw that :

We have not encountered a company that offers its customers a platform integrating artificial intelligence to guide them, and where the customization of rules and graphic elements can be done directly within the same interface, without having to download files previously created.

The online sale of second-hand products has experienced significant growth in recent years. Platforms like Vinted have been able to capture consumers’ attention.

A study showed that consumers are increasingly attracted to personalized products. They seek unique experiences and want to express themselves through products that reflect their individuality.

Sales on Etsy increased significantly between 2019 and 2021. This demonstrates consumers’ growing interest in unique, handmade products.

So by allowing players to share their creations and sell them online, our platform will foster a more engaged and interactive community. Creators will be proud to show off their custom games, while players will have access to an ever-growing variety of unique games.

With an A.I. service. free but by offering creators the opportunity to sell their games, our platform could become a source of income for them and for us. We could consider a win-win economic model, charging a commission on sales made.

If you want to find out more please go to our Behance project.

For this project, we will assume that Asmodee created his own generative Artificial Intelligence. To answer ethical questions, we envisage that this AI would be powered by Asmodee projects, such as published games or concepts developed by the development team and designers.

The aim being to propose an innovative and differentiating project while keeping in mind points of vigilance, such as: taking into account the issue of copyright, avoiding biases reproducing prejudices, making the outputs more realistic and coherent, engaging more advanced and dynamic interactions with users, working on several modalities, such as the simultaneous generation of texts and images.

User researches

The entire analysis phase also allowed us to create standard user sheets with what seemed to us to be closest to our target in order to respond to demand.

David, an amateur game creator, wants to be able to sell his personalized games.
Judith, an occasional player, wants to find out more and create her account.
Hector, child accompanied by a parent wanting to create their own board game.

Via a User Flow Diagram, an Empathy map and User Story maps, the idea was to start setting up user journeys and see the interactions that could cause problems. But also to better anticipate user needs and organize their journey, to better understand the requirements and the experience we wanted to offer to customers. And finally to make sure you don’t miss any important steps in the process and make changes before going into details.


Analysis of user interviews:

(carried out on a panel of 60 people)

The parity between men and women as well as the balanced distribution of age groups indicate that the platform has the potential to attract a wide audience.

The majority of participants play board games regularly, with a preference for monthly or weekly gaming sessions. This confirms the interest of potential users for a platform for creating personalized board games.

Card games and board games, as well as strategy and/or cooperation games, are the game categories most appreciated by participants. This already covers wide types of games, the platform to meet the primary expectations of users, before developing into other typologies.

The presence of a variety of professional situations among participants, such as employees, students, freelancers and retirees, suggests that the platform can attract a wide range of players with diverse interests and design skill levels that can present certain differences.

The lack of recognition of the Asmodée brand can lead to two strategies for this project. This completely differentiating will not make a difference in the eyes of consumers and if the project does not work it will have little impact for the group. Or, use this platform as a demonstrator of innovation and a desire to turn to its customers on the part of Asmodée.

Almost everyone interviewed remembered a story or a moment with family or friends. By creating their own game they hope to reproduce this. Which will ultimately lead them to talk about the platform around them.

We deduced two targets from this survey:
– curious amateurs, a wide audience, The site will be designed for them
They are friendly, family friendly, play for fun.

– Passionate people, the site can be used by them because it will partly meet their expectations.
They are serious, friendly and play for adventure and competition.

The proto personae created previously were not very far from reality. Of course the details are important and that’s why we re-adjusted the objectives.

The target child did not emerge as relevant, and they will be able to participate with their parents anyway.

It will be necessary for the platform to be easy to use and clear for all types of people. Beyond these obvious aspects, the platform will also have to respond to different types of expectations and questions.

All of the preparatory work was then compiled into Specifications of around ten pages, including: the project description, functional and technical specifications, resources (technological infrastructure, teams, digital, budget), survey results exploratory, personae, the site tree, cost evaluation, retro planning, avenues for the site’s development, the UX UI design part, motion, and graphics with the creation of the logo, etc.

Brand assets & Graphic design

In order to design this graphic charter for the i.asmo project, we wanted to analyze the elements of the logo of our company Asmodée, in order to find elements allowing it to be integrated into our product offering.

The idea was to design a logo and a fun graphic environment. By carrying out work on the iconography, the idea being to associate I.A. with Asmodeus and to wink at the primary meaning of the name with a small demon in the form of a picot, and finally an “i” which recalls a pawn.

We therefore created a logo that must be readable and represent the brand and the concept. But also a pictogram, which can be added to it. The latter will also be used to create a visual identity specific to our artificial intelligence, and will make it more accessible. It is surrounded by a protection zone which guarantees its good visibility and recognition. This zone is based on an invisible technical square whose width and height are half the height of the pictogram.

To best illustrate the configurator we have imagined a board game, Lord Shadow and the Well of Light, which simply revisits the game of the goose.

It’s a fight between the knights and Lord Lord Shadow for the well of light. Lord Shadow must attempt to cover the well of light before all the knights can stop him.

Figures made on MidJourney.
Game rules finalized using ChatGPT.

Regarding the UX video, the storyboard was created using MidJourney to illustrate camera shots and especially scene intentions. The video showcases the complete user experience and helps understand the concept.


These first results are very encouraging. Users perceive the product as simple, practical and clear, which is a major plus because usability is essential for a successful user experience. At this point, it would be wise to collaborate with a panel of users to gather more specific feedback on areas that need improvement in terms of usability. This will allow us to further refine the platform to best meet the needs of our users.


Brand : iasmo

Company : Asmodee

Released in : 2023

Status : concept / bachelor project

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