Rescue Runts Babies ⋅ Collectible Toy

Rescue your own Rescue Runts Baby in your favorite color crate and Give them a home to call their own.

Pluck out out their fleas, brush their fur, then you can take them everywhere! There are so many ways to play with their crate : a Bed, a Carrier, you can even decorate their home with stickers.

The Story

The project goal was to create an « Smart » packaging, that would be re-use and could extend the game play. 

We also had to consider the story of Rescue Runts, mainly focus on the idea of grooming animals in need of care. We end up with the idea of finding your pet cowered in a wooden crate, take it off and build it a little house.

But more than giving a roof over it’s head, what was interesting was the idea that for once a toy packaging would not be thrown away, but valued and become part of the game, part of the collectibles.

The box is shrink wrap to add a layer of protection and security in store. And accessories such as a comb or stickers can be placed inside the packing.

Kids, with their parents, can unplugged the four panels from the base, separate them from each others and finally re-assemble the parts in a cute little house. Kids than own different animals can interchange parts of the boxes and create color-fulled houses.

The box can also be use in its original shape with a ribbon, like a basket.

Process Notes

Various concepts were studied from an all in cardboard option to the re-usable plastic box.

Technical challenges for the roof assembly were discuss with factory in order to create a use process that would be easy for all while still being technically feasible.


Brand : Rescue Runts

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2019

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé