TinyBoo ⋅ Nightlights

The TinyBoo night lights is a collection of lighting toys ideal for children from 0 to 3 years old that we designed prioritizing a better user experience than competitors.

After analysis of the different environments the « lamps » would be used in, alignment with the brand vision, and careful consideration of innovative and human centered design, we imagined the line with both a strong visual style and little use tricks. Each of the product is designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of modern kids bedroom.

The Lantern

Lantern is a night time friend that helps make bedtime less scary for children. If they awaken in the middle of the night, all children need to do is grab Lantern’s handle and raise it. Its light will brighten and it will help guide their way in the dark. 

When Lantern’s handle is lowered again, his light begin to fade. lantern is easy for children to us and carry, cordless and cool to touch. It features LED technology, auto-shut-off and an innovative on/off switch.

Baby Light – Rattle

Baby Light is a great 2-in-1 toy that combines effect of a nightlight with the fun features of a rattle. It helps babies develop a sense of music and rythm, and also helps them drift calmly off to sleep. In the Toy mode it makes noise and changes colors as baby moves and shakes. In the Night Light mode, this little friend plays lullabies and soothes baby with his color-cycling night lights.

Baby Light has a handle that’s easy for baby to grab, perfect for teething, and it even attaches to a crib, stroller or practivally anything. it features multi-color LEDs, volume controls, auto-shut-off and a built-in motion sensor.

Mini Light

Mini Light is the perfect bed-side companion to comfort little ones as they drift off to sleep.

Simply press on its head to launch his color-cycling night lights. Press his head again to fix on your little on’s favorite color. A third press and it’s « light out ». Mini Light is easy for children to use, cordless, cool to touch, and features multi-colo LEDs and auto-shut-off.

Alarm Buddy

Alarm buddy helps your little one to get a sense of time by teaching him when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. 

On the bedside table, Tinyboo Alarm Buddy will progressively light up when it’s time to wake up. When it’s time to go to sleep, Alarm buddy will spread a warm light and play soothing lullabies to help your kid to fall asleep. 

The Plush

Huggy Plush is the perfect plush friend for children to sleep with at night, making them feel safe and secure in the dark. It has a special cuddle sensor built in, so it lights up when children hug it tightly or when they press gently on its nose. In light with Sounds mode, it plays lullabies while his cheeks glow and softly change colors.

In Night Only mode, he happily lights up with color-cycling night lights to lull kids right to sleep. Huggy plush is soft to the touch and machine washable. It features multi-color LEDs, auto-shut-off, adjustable volume settings, and a carry-ring sized for little hands.

Process Notes

The TinyBoo range aims to explore a « Ghost like » aesthetic concept, bringing sinuous lines combined with a large translucent element to spread and diffuse the light in a soft way. That is why, above all, it is designed to be functional and intuitive.

The shape creates smooth volume for one of the most ordinary functions needed at night. The simple construction of the products help to make design accessible to the vast majority of users, considering the low cost of ABS plastic injected products.


Brand : Infini Fun

Company : KD Group

Released in : 2016

Status : produced

Copyright : © KD Group – Patented  – modèle Déposé