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Bringing curves and smooth surfaces to a range full of products made for higher intensity training.

The VE (Elliptical Trainer) 410 and 420 were designed to stand out of the competition. Products that are usually black and addressing a more masculine public were not appealing to all customers. It was time for the Decathlon brand Domyos to propose an alternative.

The Story

The task here was to develop a home elliptical bike designed with women in mind. Designed for occasional to regular cardio training at home (up to 45 minutes of cumulative use per day).

With fluid and silent pedaling, non-slip pedals.

We created an intuitive use or programs through the screen.

Process Notes

Originally the idea was to play with assembly part line by creating a « pulse » line. This design would impact the draft angle of the parts and make the mold harder to process. We abandoned this approach for cost and assembly efficiency.

The handle cap were also to be re-designed for this particular product to be more ergonomic. But in order to rationalized the product line we designed a cap that would be used on all VE products for the next years.

Later on the VE410 evolved into the 420 in order to merge in different VE parts together and reduce the cost of production, however most of the original idea remains intact.



Brand : Domyos

Company : Decathlon

Released in : 2011

Status : produced

Copyright : © Decathlon  – Patented – modèle Déposé