Dyson x Designer's Days 12 ⋅ Expo Environment

The imposed theme for the exhibitions was : Identities.

The air is an essential element of our Dyson identity. And for all of us it carries the fragrance of our childhood, warms us in winter, ensures our survival.

The setup intended to explore all aspects of health, hygiene and well being. The air becomes inspiring and fun. It allowed us to take ownership of the air identity forms and new sensations. The air makes and breaks in a breath some poetical and ephemeral creations. A journey to explore, full of surprises, and to share with family even if that shot « wind. »

The Story

How to make visible the immaterial, the intangible tangible, concrete the elusive? We realized here an « inspired » scenography by questioning a key element of our IDENTITIES: Air. 

After winning the National James Dyson Award we were offered the opportunity to work on this installation. It was quite an honor as this would be our first experience in such vast creative field.

Picture of Wandy (bubble wand) by the artist Fabien OEFNER.

We explored, through a playful way, this element of life as much fascinating than mysterious. It offers visitors a journey retracing the different facets of the intangible.

One of the main experience we brought was through the making of bubbles. We created a wand that would allow the visitors to create their own bubbles while having fun in the process. It was an interactive element that we designed in the iconic shapes of Dyson’s fan.

We called it Wandy, it was gifted with the brochure and offered at people entrance in the showroom.

Process Notes

Our services included the exhibition preparation and installation. This was a crucial step in giving our visitors a complete experience where all their senses would be required.

Wandy was manufacture separately and was attached to the brochure by our care.

The creative direction also extended to the creation of a poetical video exploring another aspect of Air.


Brand : –

Company : Dyson France

Released in : 2012

Status : no longer installed